The fourth of July was lovely, I went home but unfortunately the internet was out! So, I didn’t end up doing nearly as much work as I would’ve liked to. But onwards and upwards! It’s time to start cracking down and finishing this project in (omg) two weeks…

So far, I’ve got a lot of details mapped out. I haven’t even started trying to compare them, and I hope tomorrow at our review I can get some input on how to best look at the data I’ve collected. I am adding transit routes to my map as I type. Arc GIS is a very sensitive program, and even when the files are correctly formatted they are often still difficult to use in the program. I wish someone would improve ArcGIS, for example: they should make organizing layers easier, they should accept excel files, and they should make other changes that improve user experience.

I hope to get as much feedback this week as possible so I can pull all nighters and work really hard on having a final product. I think I might be losing direction, but I’m working on getting that back. These next two weeks will be busy! But I am excited to get my hustle going!

This summer is going far too fast.