This week was feedback week, and after the discouraging news that none of our projects were ready for feedback on Tuesday, I spent this week editing my project and really thinking about it.

To be honest, I didn’t get that much feedback from the Bryn Mawr symposium. A lot of people said my project was cool, but they didn’t give me too much feedback that I can apply to my project. The most feedback I got was when I was working with ArcGIS with Janine and Carrie and they gave me tons of ideas of different ways to take my project. All of their suggestions were really great, and I think I will definitely use them.

I like the idea of doing case studies of different protests. I think that this new direction is something I can make a presentation on. I will have to work overtime to really get some work done. It’s unfortunate but I have been slacking off this summer. So to make up for lost time, its time for overdrive!!

I am going to really work on these case studies, but unfortunately, I’m not too sure how to do a case study. I will be asking a lot of questions this week on how much I’ll need to have a good case study.

This week is a big week! The final week! Hopefully everything will turn out great!!!