Category: Week 4

Laying Out the Tools

The tools that I plan to further my project is Tableau and Atavist. I have chosen these tools because of the interface that both of these will have that further show how the project will be handled. Specifically, I chose Tableau because I am currently working with data sets. The data sets that I will be using are on all of the films that I have viewed and whether they provided information that proves the point of my research question: Does the media portray mental illness correctly? Tableau will help me show the information through pie charts on which films out of all of the ones that I have chosen provides such accurate depictions. Plus, Tableau will make it more convenient for me to add more data set points on the films, if need be and also if I need to add films to the list, there can be some alterations made from that change.

I chose Atavist as my platform for showing my project because Atavist helps me put the ideas in a chronological order of what I want to do. I imagine this to be similar to a research paper with the visuals being some of the biggest differences that an audience member would be able to see. Plus, I’m able to add images and embed with Tableau which makes things more convenient to add a sequential order to the information I’m trying to provide. I want people to be able to scroll down while reading because that keeps the interest.

Tools to make Gamelan cool for school

My project is applying digital tools to traditional learning styles of Balinese Gamelan. This of course lends itself to the question, “What tools?” and now I have an answer beyond “You know, uh virtual ones…”


The main tool I will be using, is actually the tool I am using right now, WordPress. I need to create a website to easily display the information I am gathering, as well as easily allow for the plug in of outside digital tools. WordPress fits the bill, it’s easy enough for someone who is not tech savvy to design an aesthetically pleasing website that accurately and cleanly displays the information and tools. WordPress makes plugging in outside tools very easy, which is perfect as I am using several.


H5P is another tool I am using in my project to create interactive tools and technologies to present information in a more compelling way. H5P with it’s ability to create interactive videos, and other tools for creating interactive content fits with my desire to create a more interactive learning experience for users of the finished site.


These tools combined create an easy to access, and easy to design website with several cohesive interactive elements which present information and data in a more interesting way that aligns with my use of digital tools applied to learning methods for Balinese Gamelan.

Tool Time!

Over the past few weeks, I learned a lot about data visualization tools. These tools will be important for my project because it is mostly going to be compromised of visualizing data. As I look over the many data sets that I plan to visualize, I think I can assert that I plan to use these tools:

Tableau-I think that I can clean up some data and make visualizations from the immigrant data sets. There is a lot of data about political party affiliation, whether or not people have participated in a protest, and other variables that are informative to my research that cannot be mapped. I think it will be important to include this data on my web page because it can add toward my research question. At the moment, the scope of my project is rather large, but over the next week I hope my reading will aid with my goals for these next few weeks. I know that I want to create an interactive map, but I also know that some of the data I will be looking at will not be capable of mapping.

ArcGIS-We did not formally go over this tool as a group, but I had meetings with Janine Glathar about using this and I am pretty confident that I will be using this to create my map. I have been using the past week to look over the data sets that are already in the ArcGIS system. The data sets are extremely varied, but I think I may be able to find some data that applies nationally. Overall, I think the main tool I will use is ArcGIS, as soon as I figure out how 😀

I may be using more tools along the way, but I know that I need to be more focused on the bulk of my project. As I continue organizing my project, I may decide to make a timeline or organize my uploads and create the metadata for it.

Regardless of whether or not I use the new applications that I learned for this specific project, I think all of this information I am learning is valuable. I am glad that I learned how to write metadata, TEI, and all of the other programs we learned how to use. So I will continue to learn and work hard until my project is complete!