The tools that I plan to further my project is Tableau and Atavist. I have chosen these tools because of the interface that both of these will have that further show how the project will be handled. Specifically, I chose Tableau because I am currently working with data sets. The data sets that I will be using are on all of the films that I have viewed and whether they provided information that proves the point of my research question: Does the media portray mental illness correctly? Tableau will help me show the information through pie charts on which films out of all of the ones that I have chosen provides such accurate depictions. Plus, Tableau will make it more convenient for me to add more data set points on the films, if need be and also if I need to add films to the list, there can be some alterations made from that change.

I chose Atavist as my platform for showing my project because Atavist helps me put the ideas in a chronological order of what I want to do. I imagine this to be similar to a research paper with the visuals being some of the biggest differences that an audience member would be able to see. Plus, I’m able to add images and embed with Tableau which makes things more convenient to add a sequential order to the information I’m trying to provide. I want people to be able to scroll down while reading because that keeps the interest.