My project is applying digital tools to traditional learning styles of Balinese Gamelan. This of course lends itself to the question, “What tools?” and now I have an answer beyond “You know, uh virtual ones…”


The main tool I will be using, is actually the tool I am using right now, WordPress. I need to create a website to easily display the information I am gathering, as well as easily allow for the plug in of outside digital tools. WordPress fits the bill, it’s easy enough for someone who is not tech savvy to design an aesthetically pleasing website that accurately and cleanly displays the information and tools. WordPress makes plugging in outside tools very easy, which is perfect as I am using several.


H5P is another tool I am using in my project to create interactive tools and technologies to present information in a more compelling way. H5P with it’s ability to create interactive videos, and other tools for creating interactive content fits with my desire to create a more interactive learning experience for users of the finished site.


These tools combined create an easy to access, and easy to design website with several cohesive interactive elements which present information and data in a more interesting way that aligns with my use of digital tools applied to learning methods for Balinese Gamelan.