So far, as I work on ArcGIS, I have stumbled many times. Luckily, many of my mistakes are remedied by a simple adjustment.

One issue I came across was that in ArcGIS, I could not get certain areas to load information when I was enriching data. The issue was that a button is automatically clicked that made only the areas that within my screen were enriched. So one problem was solved by simply unclicking a button.

Another issue I came across was a “duplicate field name” issue that did not let me upload data. At first, I just changed field names, but now it is appearing for me again no matter how many times I change the names. I don’t know what is wrong, but I will meet with Janine again over this next week to sort it out. I feel like it will be another easy fix, but I don’t know.

Also, I am not sure how I want to design my web page. I am not a big fan of the storymaps interface, but I am not a website designer either. I would prefer something that allows me to provide more information. I am afraid that if I embed the map into a different hosting site, however, the map will lag. I will figure out my plans to make a web page shortly–I will most likely use storymaps but I just don’t like it at the moment.

Other than these few issues, I think my biggest issue is motivation! Summer beckons and I have found myself spending too much time tanning. I am working on changing my ways–and it is somewhat working? It’s Sunday night and I’m working on my that’s progress! Once I get a good amount of work done, I think that the motivation will come back!


This week is the 4th! Happy Birthday America!