I’m interested in the Digital Scholarship Student Research Fellowship because digital scholarship has the potential to become the mainstream way we carry out and present research. Many types of scholarship are developing in ways that rely heavily on digital tools, so knowing how to use these tools effectively would put me on the forefront in my chosen area of study, which combines music, media, and production. As I think about my future, I recognize that effectively combining traditional research methods with digital methods is key to staying on the cutting edge of innovative scholarly work.

The project area I’m interested in exploring is how music practice techniques are changing, and how technology might enhance these practice techniques further. The project I am creating is a website for the Bucknell gamelan ensemble that functions as an educational tool for members of the ensemble, and those interested in the ensemble. The Bucknell gamelan is a group of traditional Balinese instruments that are typically taught without the aid of notation, so having visual and auditory guides would support the traditional pedagogy, and an introduction to the instruments, music, and culture of Bali and Indonesia in general would allow new members to intergrate into the group more easily. Because the Bucknell gamelan has a minimum of 14 distinct parts, this is a large undertaking. Therefore, I aspire to have the website fully functioning for each instrument, but for one piece only in order to have a full completed project that is achievable in the time frame.